Safely Clean with Bleach

Safely clean with bleach does not require any face mask or biohazard suit. Cleaning with the bleach is not difficult. Bleach is one of the less expensive and best cleaning product to safely clean a home next to the vinegar.

Is it Safe?

A chlorine bleach used in as safely clean with Bleach in the home is a mixture of water and hypochlorite. In fact, it is an environment-friendly cleaning product not harming the environment. It does not damage the surface, the equipment, and other materials. Moreover, it is safe to be used in the cleaning process to clean and disinfect the countertops,, floors, sinks, trash cans, and desks.

Bleach cleaning how it is done?

In the first place, remember when starting cleaning bleach it should be diluted with water. How it is done and cleaning with the bleach comes in you can read the article down:


Never add bleach directly to the clothes, Add ¾ cup of the bleach to the washer dispenses. For more tough stains soak the white clothes in ¼ cup of bleach per gallon of water about 5 minutes each. The diluted bleach can easily be used on the light colors. It is a very nice and good idea to test it before using it on any fabric.


In the long run, the bleach cleans and sanitizes the bathroom from the top to bottom. By mixing up ½ cup of bleach with one gallon of water to ready the solution. With this solution, you can wipe down the surface and rinse it with warm water. For disinfecting the toilet bowl add ½ cup of bleach in the toilet bowl, scrub it down with a toilet brush. Wait on 5 minutes and flush.

General Disinfection

Furthermore, the solution of the diluted bleach is perfectly to disinfect the kid’s toys, shower curtain and any surface where there is a chance of mold, mildew, germs, and viruses.


The kitchen surfaces are best to clean with bleach. Add ½ cup of bleach per gallon of water and after five minutes of application rinse and air dry. Use the same solution to sanitize and disinfect inside the refrigerator, sinks, and appliances.

Precautions (Safely Clean with Bleach)

Some precautions are very important and necessary when it comes to safely clean with bleach.

  • Don’t mix the bleach with vinegar as it produces chlorine gas.
  • By using it with vinegar potentially coughing, breathing problems.
  • Bleach and Ammonia together produce a toxic gas causing eye problems.
  • The mixture of bleach and alcohol creates chloroform which at levels is toxic and causes irritation.

Not to forget if you need any help to clean and sanitize your home you can always count on us. Hurry up and give an apartment cleaning services call on (514) 654 4988 to see how easy it is to have a professional cleaning service.

Professional Garden Cleaning Services

Thinking of washing away the grime and dirt from the Garden. You may need the service of a cleaning company for a Professional Garden cleaning service. In fact, Apartment Cleaning Services is here to serve the residents of Montreal with its exquisite Garden Cleaning Service.

Not to mention, from experienced cleaners to the best cleaning equipment tools and the latest Eco-safe cleaning products. Moreover, we have got you covered, and provide the most excellent and unique Garden cleaning service for your home to give it a breeze of freshness.

Clearing Debris

In the first place, our cleaners will make sure to clean the garden from the unwanted debris. Using the tools they will strip away any dead branches. Moreover, and nicely and effectively trim back the plants and trees. Then by sweeping and cleaning up all those dead leaves and general debris from the lawn. In fact, they clean every corner of the Garden in a professional way.

Working with Dedication

Apartment Cleaning Services team works with full dedication and detail to the work and provide an amazing cleaning experience. By using a natural and specialized cleaner they scrub off the dirt using a brush and applying water with pressure. Our cleaners go through hard training and are insured and background check is properly carried out.

Furniture Wiping

By using a dry microfiber cloth the cleaners remove the cobwebs and dirt from the furniture. In the next step by using a wet cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to clean down all the surfaces and applying a slick of oil to protect the wooden furniture present in the Garden.

Old Pots and Planters

The professional cleaners remove and clean old soil and dead plants to make way for the old plants. Filling in a Large bucket of a mixture of water and bleach and putting it in the pots to kill any bacteria/ Moreover, they rinse and wipe out the pots for any remaining dirt.

Green and Safe Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Services is using Environmental safe cleaning products for the safety and health of valuable customers. Health comes first for us and remains the No 1 priority. All our cleaning products are clinically attested and safe for use in the cleaning process. Our team delivers the best and highest quality of cleaning standards without compromising on quality.

In the last, we put in the doormat and give it a nice clean to prevent the dirt from going into your beautiful home. The right Garden cleaning service will always help you in tackling your Garden cleaning problems with ease and turning off the pressure on your head.

Contacting us

For more information on our special cleaning services available in Montreal please don’t forget to visit our website. Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions if you have any in order to improve the quality of our excellent services.

Moreover, our services are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning schedule with the customized convenience for the esteemed customers.

Spotless Carpet Cleaning

We are well aware that people ignore the carpet cleaning due to busyness or some other engagements. Dust accumulates on the carpet with the passage of time. The dust and sand particles are the worst enemies of the carpet. Sand particles cut the fabrics of the carpet. If you can’t clean your carpet yourself, we perform it for you. We provide you Spotless Carpet Cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Apartment cleaning service Montreal has a professional cleaning staff which removes all types of spots, stains, and spills from the carpet. We act as a safeguard for your fragile investment in this asset.

Apartment Cleaning Services Montreal has all those necessary equipment, machines, professional cleaners, and skillful manpower. Not to mention, Apartment Cleaning Services Montreal possesses all those skills, experienced, physical material which is inevitable to get a neat, clean, and dirt-free carpet.

How we provide you Spotless Carpet Cleaning

We have a complete and comprehensive framework for each and every task. Our professionals consider each and every detail even if it is so minor. We perform the following tasks;

  • End of tenancy carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning after getting the building repaired
  • Vacuuming work
  • Pet’s hair removing services
  • Stain removing services
  • Deep carpet washing works

In fact, we perform each and every task, like debris removing, dusting with the broom, and final carpet washing services.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

When someone leaves a house it needs thorough cleaning services. Along with all other services, the carpet also needs cleaning services. Our cleaning staff feels happy to provide you services as you expected. It’s one of our rewards when you met your expectations, desires, and requirements.

Carpet Cleaning After Building Repair

When you repair your building a huge amount of dust, dirt, spills, spots, debris, and stains occur on the carpet. The carpet needs deep cleaning services. Our professionals resolve all these issues and assure you a better carpet as it was a new one.

Carpet Vacuuming

A regular carpet vacuuming prevents dirt accumulation from the carpet. It removes the sand particles from the surface of the carpet. We have high-power carpet vacuumers which have the potential to pick up all the dirt particles the carpet.

Pet’s hair removing

Many people are pet’s lovers they have dogs or cats at their homes. Their pets, sometimes sit on the carpet, they play on it. Sometimes, pee on the carpet. The hair fell on it and it creates a bad smell. We are professionals to get rid of all these issues.

Stains Removing Services

There may be many spots and stains on the carpet. These stains ruin the design and appearance of the carpet. Our professionals deal with all types of spots, stains, spills. We provide you a fully cleaned and sanitized carpet.

Carpet washing services

in the last, but not least, we wash your carpet thoroughly. We have different ways to clean a carpet. Our professional cleaners sometimes, use vinegar, baking soda, detergent, bleach, peroxide, and lemon juice. But, in the first place, we prefer to proceed with green cleaning products.

Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal

If you want to make your houseapartment or office neat, clean, and germs free you have to keep it clean, sanitized, and organized. When you think about cleaning works you may have a large number of tasks come in your mind to perform. You may think that you should get your carpet, floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other room clean. There is an important thing which you can ignore and that is the floor. Floor cleaning performs a vital role in the whole building cleaning. Not to mention, Menage Total is the best cleaning company which provides you Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal. We have a professional and well-trained cleaning staff which performs Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal so effectively and efficiently. They perform these tasks while doing Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal;

  • Remove clutter and debris from the floor
  • Do a detailed dusting
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Mopping service
  • Floor washing

Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal comprise of all these tasks;

Remove clutter and debris from the floor

Menage total starts every type of cleaning work with a proper sequence and follow a professional working method. We first remove all the clutter and debris from the floor surface to make room for the rest of the cleaning work. It makes clear the image of the cleaning work which we have to perform for Floor Cleaning and Mopping Service Montreal.

Do a Detailed Dusting

After dealing with clutter and debris Menage total does a detailed and comprehensive dusting of all the floors you have in your building. We remove dust from the crevices and corners. We make sure that no dirt and dust is remaining after doing the dusting.

Vacuum the floor

There are some chances that dust is left behind after doing dusting of the floor. To deal with remaining dust and dirt Menage Total performs vacuuming. Our cleaning staff cleans the dust from behind the furniture and appliances you have in your houseapartment, and office.

Mopping Service

One of the basic and important works in Floor Cleaning and Mopping Services Montreal is the mopping of the floor. Our cleaning staff dump the mop in a mixture of water and detergent and use it on the floor. It helps to remove the dust spots from the floor surface.

Floor Washing

In the end, Menage total provides you a neat, clean, and germs free floor. We wash your floor with a health friendly and organic cleaning product. We use warm water and chemical free detergents to make a solution. Our cleaning staff uses this solution to remove stubborn and hard dust spots and liquid stains from the floor.

Courtesy of Menage Total Montreal

Window Cleaning Company

Get ready to choose the best windows cleaning Montreal company right here to control the cleaning in your home. Sometimes the beginners will be finding so many of issues in choosing with best-experienced Company. So here we will let you learn what guidelines you should follow in selecting the best company out.

Find a Licensed company:

It is essential to choose the company that is wholly licensed with its terms and conditions. Maximum of the states have issued the license to the windows cleaning Montreal companies to perform their services legally. Make sure that your selected company has a legal permit in their account. You should also ask the company whether their employees are bonded or not.  This is one of the most critical factors which you should be considering away in mind.

Best track record of the company:

Be sure of the fact that your selected company has been put together with the excellent track of the album too. Not to mention, you should not be relying on the company that is much reputable inside the marketplaces. In the first place, you should not be choosing the windows cleaning Montreal company who has some history of complaints in the market. Not only but also, you should ask friends and neighbours to come up with the best choice. This will highlight the reputed status of the company within marketplaces.

Insurance of the company:

Next most important thing to consider is that does the company has proper coverage or not. Some of the contractors will be carrying upon the general set of liability insurance. This insurance will be adding upon the medium protection in case of an accident. Contractors will also be moving upon the compensation insurance as in support with the protection of the employees. You should be much careful when it comes to company insurance.

Guarantee over company Services:

You should also be considering the warranty of the services and how they will be working away with. In fact, you should be staying behind about the sceptical about the company that does not add on with any guarantee in its work. Moreover, you should also be sure of the fact that what you must do to keep your part of the bargain side.

Affiliation of Cleaning company Association:

On the last, we will make you learn about the membership of the cleaning company association inside the marketplaces. They should have a complete professional association that is linked to the national or the state and local level. They should be having an entire edge of knowledge about safety or training as well as research and regulations.

Follow the guidelines and search for the old windows cleaning Montreal! You can often take the help of the family friends who have at some point of time made the support of the companies for the house cleanliness. Try to opt for the company that offers both home and office windows cleaning Montreal services at a premium level.

Courtesy of Menage Total Montreal