Thinking of washing away the grime and dirt from the Garden. You may need the service of a cleaning company for a Professional Garden cleaning service. In fact, Apartment Cleaning Services is here to serve the residents of Montreal with its exquisite Garden Cleaning Service.

Not to mention, from experienced cleaners to the best cleaning equipment tools and the latest Eco-safe cleaning products. Moreover, we have got you covered, and provide the most excellent and unique Garden cleaning service for your home to give it a breeze of freshness.

Clearing Debris

In the first place, our cleaners will make sure to clean the garden from the unwanted debris. Using the tools they will strip away any dead branches. Moreover, and nicely and effectively trim back the plants and trees. Then by sweeping and cleaning up all those dead leaves and general debris from the lawn. In fact, they clean every corner of the Garden in a professional way.

Working with Dedication

Apartment Cleaning Services team works with full dedication and detail to the work and provide an amazing cleaning experience. By using a natural and specialized cleaner they scrub off the dirt using a brush and applying water with pressure. Our cleaners go through hard training and are insured and background check is properly carried out.

Furniture Wiping

By using a dry microfiber cloth the cleaners remove the cobwebs and dirt from the furniture. In the next step by using a wet cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to clean down all the surfaces and applying a slick of oil to protect the wooden furniture present in the Garden.

Old Pots and Planters

The professional cleaners remove and clean old soil and dead plants to make way for the old plants. Filling in a Large bucket of a mixture of water and bleach and putting it in the pots to kill any bacteria/ Moreover, they rinse and wipe out the pots for any remaining dirt.

Green and Safe Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Services is using Environmental safe cleaning products for the safety and health of valuable customers. Health comes first for us and remains the No 1 priority. All our cleaning products are clinically attested and safe for use in the cleaning process. Our team delivers the best and highest quality of cleaning standards without compromising on quality.

In the last, we put in the doormat and give it a nice clean to prevent the dirt from going into your beautiful home. The right Garden cleaning service will always help you in tackling your Garden cleaning problems with ease and turning off the pressure on your head.

Contacting us

For more information on our special cleaning services available in Montreal please don’t forget to visit our website. Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions if you have any in order to improve the quality of our excellent services.

Moreover, our services are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning schedule with the customized convenience for the esteemed customers.

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